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E-learning thought through from the beginning till the end

There are 3 different user types available on WebJET LMS in order to provide the best possible user experience. Using SCORM standard makes it very easy to import study materials from different e-learning systems but creating new training content is equally simple, using our user friendly platform.


Online education adjusting to users’ needs.

There are 3 types of users in WebJET LMS – student, instructor, and admin. User interface is different for each type of user so that it is easy to use and navigate through the platform. All  users can only access those functions, which are related to their roles. Every user type has different rights and permissions which affects user interface he can access.

Attract students’ attention with form as well as content

Create motivational and interactive online courses. Combine all the important elements from texts, through pictures and videos, to final exams to make the content interesting for the students. Another way to create content in WebJET LMS is its import from different e-learning platform or tool where it was previously created.

SCORM standard will make your work easier

Our platform supports SCOMR standards which makes it possible to import any course in this standard into WebJET LMS and make the full use of its content. For example, if you purchase a ready-made course from any course provider or if you already have created a course in different e-learning tool where it is possible to export it into SCORM format, you can easily import it into WebJET LMS and start using it immediately.

Education according to your own preferences

Do your study materials contain courses that do not require individual access? Automate entire course from study, through interim testing till final certification. Thanks to possibility of specializes tests with open-ended questions, you gain detailed overview of platform users’ study progress.


Courses and their content

Create unique educational plan for every course. This way you motivate your students to acquire specific knowledge and reach desired target. You can add unlimited number of chapters with different types of content into the course. To move between individual chapters, you can choose one of several types of transition – time limit, test, instructor’s approval, or simple click.

Add students to particular terms

Create terms addressing educational requirements of every specific study group. Set the course duration, its validity, maximum student capacity, different options for registration on the course, dates of registration, or even certificate that students get after finishing the course.

Choose the type of chapters according to your needs

With WebJET LMS you can create the course content, choosing from several different types – articles, materials for download, videos, audio files, SCORM standards, tests or ILT (instructor lead trainings). You can alter chapters order according to your needs.

One of the most popular types of content is ILT – instructor lead training which can take 2 different forms – online or in-person.

  • For in-person form of study instructor sets the date, time, appoint instructor and select the suitable place.
  • For online webinars instructor only needs to set the time, date and instructor.

ILT type of content is available for students from various terms, not only specific one. Students are add to ILT either by instructor or automatically.



Test gained skills and give certificates online

Gain control over knowledge and skills acquired by your students. Take advantage of automated testing after each chapter or decide to create final exam after studying all the chapters. System allows you to set the test condition to prevent students from cheating. For certificates, you can choose from the templates provided by the system or you can upload your own design, corresponding with your corporate identity.


Progress monitoring by both students and instructors

Interim quizzes after individual chapters will provide teachers with an overview of students' understanding of educational materials. It is only necessary to create question database and select ones used after individual chapters. System will generate quick quiz using selected questions to test students’ knowledge. Questions are generated randomly in both quick quizzes and final exams. You only need to specify range to pick from.

Test knowledge and issue certificates

Testing is an integral part of corporate education. In WebJET LMS you can create final exams and special tests which evaluate your employees’ acquired skills and knowledge and based on their results students will be issued certificates. System also offers comprehensive monitoring of certificate validity.

Do not let your students cheating

System can generate several types of tests at once. Whether it's just the same test with shuffled questions, or randomly shuffled answers, or a set of questions from which a necessary number is randomly selected. System also blocks students’ access to study material immediately after the test starts. In case of test repetition, the system generates a new set of questions.

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